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4 Reasons You’ll Love Dental Implants

Dental Specialties Northwest knows how great it feels to have teeth, all of your teeth. While dentures and bridges do the job well enough, dental implants are the best replacement if you have one or more missing teeth.

Dental Specialties Northwest, the dentist’s dentist in Seattle, has the experience to place all types of dental implants including All on 4’s.

Still not convinced? You will be when you read why.  

1. Better for Dental Health

While dentures and bridges replace the missing tooth they won’t do anything for your jawbone.

Dental implants help stimulate tooth root growth as they are surgically placed in or on your jawbone. This means the screw or post that is placed where the missing tooth was will fuse to the bone over time.

Dental implants consist of a post or screw that fuses to the bone. That process, known as osseointegration, means you won’t have to deal with facial structure loss. Dentures don’t exercise the bone. This makes you look at least 10 years older than you actually are.

2. Speak Freely From Now On

Your Seattle implant dentist explains how important teeth are to make certain sounds. If you have lost a tooth, wear a bridge or dentures you probably had to learn how to speak differently when you made certain sounds. This is especially true for people missing front teeth. Denture wearers also know the frustration of worrying about a partial slipping out during a conversation.

Dental implants fix both of those issues with single and multiple dental implants, and implant supported dentures.

3. Enjoy the Foods You Love Again

With dental implants you can once again enjoy the foods you used to love. Missing a few teeth makes you bite and chew differently. The same can be said about dentures. If you have dentures you know your food restrictions. That big juicy steak that you used to enjoy isn’t so possible with dentures. However, with dental implants it is.

Just imagine how great it will be to eat your favorite crunchy and chewy foods again. You can even eat corn on the cob.

4. Dental Implants Look and Feel Natural

If you wear dentures, bridges or have missing teeth you know how it feels. Dental implants feel just like natural teeth and look just as healthy as well.

Implants and implant supported dentures and dental crowns look so natural the only people who will know you have had them placed are you and your dental implant dentist in Seattle. In fact, the look is so natural that you’ll wonder why you hadn’t had dental implants placed sooner.

When it comes to dental implants Dental Specialties Northwest is the only dental practice in Seattle to consider.

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