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Dental Specialties Northwest is a place of comfort, care, and luxury. We offer world-class services from our renowned and respected dentists, Dr. Tom Sweeney and Dr. Rhys Spoor. Our dentists have years of experience and continued training, and are dedicated to making your smile the best it has ever been. Both are highly specialized in dental implantology; Dr. Sweeney has additional expertise in periodontics.

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Custom Made Mouth Guards from the Best

When it comes to dental specialties the dentist’s dentist has got you covered, especially if you like to swing a racquet, ride the rapids or skate around the park. A custom made mouth guard protects teeth and gums regardless of the sport you play.

All recreational, amateur and professional athletes should include some type of mouth protection in the uniform.

A Custom Made Mouth Guard

A custom made mouth guard is the cream of the crop when it comes to mouth and jaw injuries. In other words, your dentist has the tools and education to create a custom made mouth guard that is thin, comfortable and very easy to wear.

National Facial Protection Awareness in April

It’s National Facial Protection Awareness month.  This annual event is sponsored by numerous organizations including the American Dental Association, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the Academy of Sports Dentistry.

Dental Specialties Northwest is helping spread the word about mouth protection and is committed to providing patients with the best in protection. That protection is a custom made mouth guard.

A Custom Made Mouth Guard for All Sports

Back in the day Seattle dentists weren’t talking about mouth guards for water polo players or surfers but today’s dentists are.

Dr. Tom Sweeney, Dr. Rhys Spoor and Dr. Richard Ansong can’t stress the importance of mouth protection for skateboarding, martial arts, gymnastics and mountain biking.

Of course it goes without saying that mouth guards are essential for all contact sports such as soccer, water polo and basketball. In fact, basketball is at the top of the list when it comes to mouth injuries.

While you can buy a standard mouth protector at your local sporting goods store Dr. Rhys Spoor, Dr. Tom Sweeney and Dr. Richard Ansong recommend spending a little bit more for a custom made mouth guard.

Types of Mouth Guards
  1. Standard
  2. Boil and Bite
  3. Custom Made

All three of these types of mouth guards give the athlete more protection than nothing at all. In addition standard, boil and bite and custom made mouth guards have prevented plenty of trips to the emergency room after a blow to the head.

With that being said investing in a custom made mouth guard for every member of your family from Dr. Richard Ansong, Dr. Rhys Spoor or Dr. Tom Sweeney is less expensive than an unnecessary trip to the hospital.

A Custom Made Mouth Guard is Wise

When it comes to a custom made mouth guard in Seattle it is one of the best investments you can make.

Firstly, you are protecting your family’s oral health, secondly you are saving each member unnecessary strife because of a knocked out tooth.

If you would like to learn more call and talk to a custom mouth guard specialist from Dental Specialties Northwest today.