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Dental Specialties Northwest is a place of comfort, care, and luxury. We offer world-class services from our renowned and respected dentists, Dr. Tom Sweeney and Dr. Rhys Spoor. Our dentists have years of experience and continued training, and are dedicated to making your smile the best it has ever been. Both are highly specialized in dental implantology; Dr. Sweeney has additional expertise in periodontics.

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What is Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontics focus on straightening crooked, tipped, rotated and misaligned teeth. Orthodontic treatment also fixes gaps between teeth and corrects under, over and cross bites.

Do I Need Orthodontic Treatment?

If you or someone you know suffers from the following, you may be a good candidate for orthodontic treatment:


Upper jaw and teeth protrude over the lower jaw when your mouth is closed.


When your mouth is closed, your teeth, and lower jaw protrude beyond your upper jaw.


One or more teeth are closer to your tongue or cheek than the corresponding teeth or tooth.

Open Bite

Your front teeth do not meet when you close your jaw.

Crowding or Spacing Issues

Your teeth are not evenly placed in your jaw.


Orthodontic Treatment Options

Orthodontics | Orthodontics


Traditional Braces

Consisting of metal wires and brackets using rubber bands to hold the braces brackets together, conventional braces are the most popular treatment and are extremely effective.

Orthodontics | Orthodontics


Invisalign® Clear Braces

Clear braces are an excellent alternative to traditional braces as the aligners are removed when you eat, brush, and floss. People with mild orthodontic issues are the best candidates for Invisalign®

Orthodontics | Orthodontics



Dental Specialties Northwest uses splints to reposition a misaligned jaw. If your teeth are worn from grinding and clenching, or TMD treatments, splints are a wonderful orthodontic solution.

Orthodontics | Orthodontics



A retainer is normally used after orthodontic treatment is completed. Retainers keep teeth from shifting back to where they used to be.

The Advantages of Orthodontic Treatment

  • A Beautiful Smile
  • Easier To Talk and Eat
  • Easier to Clean Teeth
  • Helps Avoid Damage to Healthy Teeth
  • Helps Alleviate Pain

You are Never Too Old for Orthodontics

It’s never too late for a straighter smile. According to Dental Specialties Northwest, more than twenty percent of orthodontic patients are over 18. If you are concerned about your appearance while having treatment, talk to Dental Specialties Northwest about Invisalign®.



If you are ready for a straighter and more beautiful smile, call and schedule a no obligation orthodontics consultation with Dental Specialties Northwest today.
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