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Dental Specialties Northwest is a place of comfort, care, and luxury. We offer world-class services from our renowned and respected dentists, Dr. Tom Sweeney and Dr. Rhys Spoor. Our dentists have years of experience and continued training, and are dedicated to making your smile the best it has ever been. Both are highly specialized in dental implantology; Dr. Sweeney has additional expertise in periodontics.

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Dentures are artificial or prosthetic teeth that are secured to a plate that fits over your gums. While most dentures are removable, it is also possible to secure dentures with dental implants.

Dental Specialties Northwest focuses on providing patients with natural looking and long lasting dentures that are customized for fit and comfort.

Why Should I Get Dentures?

According to Dr. Sweeney, Dr. Spoor and Dr. Yeung, there are several reasons to consider dentures.

Quality of Life

Missing teeth can make life difficult. It’s harder to chew and if your missing teeth are in the front, you won’t want to smile. Dentures allow you to talk, eat, smile, and be happy about it.


Because dentures are removable they are easy to clean. Dentures also make regular dental visits a breeze.


Most dentures will last from five to eight years. However, if you take great care of your dentures and don’t lose or gain weight they can last much longer.

Can Be Secured

For a permanent solution, dental implants are used to secure your denture.

Natural Looking

Thanks to the talented ceramists from Dental Specialties Northwest dentures look just as natural, if not better, than your original teeth.


Denture Types


Full dentures are recommended when you are missing all of your teeth on your lower, upper, or both jaws.


Also called partials, partial dentures are used when you are missing two or more teeth but not all of your teeth. Partial dentures can slide off and on or be implant secured.

What are Dentures Made of?

The plate that holds the artificial or prosthetic teeth is usually made of metal and gum-colored acrylic dental resin. The artificial teeth are made from porcelain, which best mimics your natural smile or acrylic.

The Dentures Process

The first step of the dentures process is a consultation with Dental Specialties Northwest. After a thorough mouth examination, which usually includes digital pictures and x-rays, molds are taken so that the lab can manufacture your dentures. This usually takes about three or four weeks. Once ready, your new dentures will be checked for fit and comfort.

Be aware that it may take some time to get used to your new dentures; however, in most cases you can use them right away.


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If you would like more information regarding partial or full dentures, call and talk to a team member from Dental Specialties Northwest today.