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Clear Aligners


Clear Plastic Aligners from Dental Specialties Northwest

Orthodontics has certainly changed over the years with more of our patients choosing removable clear plastic aligners over conventional braces.

While wires and brackets are the best solution for people who have severe bite issues or large spaces between teeth, removable clear plastic aligners are more comfortable and an excellent treatment for our patients that suffer from mild to moderate crooked, tipped or rotated teeth.

The Alternative to Conventional Braces

Clear plastic aligners are more comfortable than wires and brackets and are the safest solution for a straight and healthy smile.

Our dental practice in Seattle has been providing clear plastic aligners to people like you for years, and has the experience you need when it comes to a straight and beautiful smile.

Clear Aligners | clear aligners

What are Clear Plastic Aligners?

Dental Specialties Northwest explains that dental grade plastic removable braces are a series of patented tooth straighteners that are made to gradually move teeth into position.

These aligners are custom made to fit your smile and swapped out according to your prescription which is usually every 7 to 14 days.

Our team of doctors will prescribe 10 to 50 sets of aligners that you’ll wear for 22 hours for at least six months.

On average you will see a straighter smile in 12 to 18 months. Keep in mind that conventional wires and brackets can take up to two years before you will see any results.

Better for You and Your Teeth

Because you remove your aligners when you clean your teeth you won’t have to worry about tooth decay or gum disease. Unfortunately both of these problems are an issue with braces. Remember, wires and brackets are permanent throughout the entire treatment time.

You’ll also spend less time in our dentist’s chair as well. Old school braces require adjustments every two weeks or so. With clear plastic aligners you’ll only need to see us every six weeks to make sure your treatment is on schedule.

Are Clear Plastic Aligners for Everyone?

While most of or patients are excellent candidates for clear plastic aligners, those with serious issues, such as severe under or overbites, may fare better with conventional braces. Consequently, scheduling an appointment with our dental practice is the only way to be sure.

Find out if you are a good candidate for invisible braces and schedule your no obligation clear plastic aligner’s consultation with Dental Specialties Northwest today.



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