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Dental Specialties Northwest is a place of comfort, care, and luxury. We offer world-class services from our renowned and respected dentists, Dr. Tom Sweeney and Dr. Rhys Spoor. Our dentists have years of experience and continued training, and are dedicated to making your smile the best it has ever been. Both are highly specialized in dental implantology; Dr. Sweeney has additional expertise in periodontics.

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Pro Teeth Whitening for Safe Results

If you have been bombarded with mail order dental solutions on your social media pages, just scroll on by. Dental Specialties Northwest explains that mail order dental solutions, including teeth whitening are usually a bad idea because they are not monitored by a dentist.

Even tooth whitening products can lead you astray with their over the top advertising filled with promises that are rarely met.

Mail Order Whiteners

If you follow the Dental Specialties Northwest Blog you will know that unmonitored tooth whitening can have dire consequences for your teeth and your gums.

Nonprescription products are harmful as they come in contact with gum tissue. This happens all the time with mail order and over the counter tooth whitening trays.

The company advertising the products will probably ask you for a mold of your teeth. While this is a bit better than the one size fits all products from the pharmacy, there is still a chance of leakage.

In addition, you won’t be monitored by a dentist. The cosmetic dentist in Seattle recommends skipping these options all together with professional teeth whitening.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Seattle

For the best results nothing surpasses professional teeth whitening. With two different types available, you get the smile you deserve without having to suffer any adverse side effects. Those side effects can sometimes be permanent.

Dr. Richard Ansong has seen and heard horror stories about over bleaching. Using too much product too often leads to tooth sensitivity. In some cases it’s been known to cause chalky and bluish looking teeth as well.

Types of Professional Teeth Whitening

According to Dr. Sweeney, there are two types of dental whitening. These procedures are same day whitening and gradual tooth whitening with customized dental whitening trays.

While both methods are overseen by your dentist, chairside or same day whitening offers instant results while gradual tray whitening takes about 14 days for brighter results.

1. Chairside Professional Teeth Whitening

For instant results nothing beats same day tooth whitening in Seattle. This safe and effective tooth whitening solution rewards patients with teeth that are up to 8 shades brighter. You’ll be amazed how extraordinary your smile will be when you opt for chairside professional teeth whitening.

2. Gradual Whitening with Customized Trays

If time isn’t an issue Dr. Spoor recommends gradual whitening. Using clear trays that are designed from digital pictures, x-rays and molds they are custom made to fit snugly against your gums with no chance of leakage.

In about two weeks you will see dramatic results with professional gradual tooth whitening.

Stay Safe with Professional Results

Skip the mail order and over the counter tooth whitening options and schedule an appointment for professional teeth whitening with Dental Specialties Northwest today.




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